The Silver Sorceress

by Alec Hutson
Release date: October 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The epic story that began in The Crimson Queen continues...

Following the deadly assault on the Scholia by the kith’ketan, Keilan and Nel pursue the paladin Senacus south, hoping to catch him before he can vanish into the Gilded Cities. Nel desires vengeance for the death of her lover, while Keilan hopes to find answers about the immortal sorcerers who sought to challenge the Crimson Queen...

In the Empire of Swords and Flowers a young woman is called upon to avenge her father’s death and return honor to her family...

And after a millennia-long imprisonment, the monstrous Chosen are again free to work their dark will upon the world of man...

updated 2019-02-27

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