The Living God
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The Living God

by Kaytalin Platt
Release date: May 21, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, young adult

Legend has it, The Living God will bring about the destruction of the world in order to rebuild it into a paradise. Some worship and welcome His coming, others fear Him and would do anything to stop it.

Kaytalin Platt's The Living God follows the internal struggle of two mages, Saran and Keleir, as they confront their fears and attempt to find meaning in the hand that life has dealt them. Saran seeks to overthrow her crazed father and salvage what is left of her country before it falls into complete ruin. Keleir is cursed with a Rauke's soul, an ancient creature who is only able to survive by merging with an unborn child upon entering our world. Saran and Keleir are touched by fate, gifted with the ability to sense each other, and destined for a future that neither care to know. When Saran's magic is stolen, she must confront a life without the ability to manipulate time, struggle to see the rebellion finished, and keep Keleir from becoming The Living God.

updated 2019-05-21

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