A Dragon for William

by Julie E. Czerneda
Release date: December 3, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

A novella.

Set after the Aurora Award-winning novel, A Play of Shadow, this novella explores the story of a young boy whose fanciful tales of dragons and dangers may prove to be more than just fiction.

Werfol returns to Vorkoun with his family to find their fortunes changed for the worse. His father is in disgrace and banished from court. Meanwhile, Vorkoun has been ceded to Asnor by the prince's treaty and no one knows what that will mean.

And to complicate matters further, Werfol is now a truthseer, able to discern if another is lying. His training has barely begun, but his mother refuses to send him back to his uncle in Marrowdell. Werfol, bored and heartsick, retreats to his imagination, secretly writing a story about a brave boy who befriends a young dragon. Together, they travel the perilous streets of Vorkoun, looking to retrieve a stolen egg before it can be used for dark magic.

But Werfol's brother Semyn finds his story and shows their parents, complaining Werfol has shirked his duties. Their mother, plagued by dangerous dreams, fears her son may become a doorway to a threat far more dangerous than a treaty.

For Werfol wrote of a dragon the colour of a Sei, a being so potent its curiosity once tore apart worlds. Suddenly, no one, not even Werfol, can be sure where his imagination ends and the magical Verge begins.

(updated 2019-12-03)

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