Princess of Tyrone (Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #1) - Katie Hamstead

Apolline is happy hunting magical creatures on her pirate infested outer-perimeter planet. She is a fantastic shot, and doesn’t flinch at the blood and guts of her kills. Never once did she consider she could be the missing Princess of Tyrone.

All her life, she has heard the story of the Princess, cursed to sleep for eternity, unless her betrothed, the Prince of Oran, gave her true love’s kiss. Although Apolline knows she is betrothed, she thinks her fairy guardians arranged it out of ignorance of human ways. The thought she could be a princess is inconceivable.

Then Allard appears. Handsome, charming — but he’s not hers to have. He’s betrothed, too. Her guardians warn her against her new found friendship, but she and Allard meet in secret anyway. Despite her rough exterior, he sees beyond her gun-slinging bravado, and their love blossoms.

But the deadline for the sleeping curse is approaching. If Apolline falls in love with the wrong person, she could end up sleeping forever.

A quirky, adventurous retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with a less than princess-ly princess!

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Release date: March 2016
Genres: fantasyfairy tale, young adult
Updated: August 28, 2021

Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles :: Series

Two kingdoms dominate the galaxy. Two families rise in prominence and influence. The forces of dark and light magic struggle for dominance, corrupting the powerful, or strengthening the noble. The two families unite through the generations to preserve the light and good in the galaxy, while a dark shadow creeps through the crevices to destroy them.

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