I Dream of Mirrors

by Chris Kelso
Release date: February 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horror

My bones feel new, brittle. You won’t have heard any apocryphal stories about me because no one seems to know anything about me. My body is a sheet of paper from a worn manuscript, folded into the origami shape of a man. My life has been stuffed into a satchel and carried to publishers. Its words are my words.

He has no name. He belongs to no race or nation. He has no definable personality or allegiance. Only the dead city of mirrors holds the key.

From the mind of Chris Kelso, author of The Dregs Trilogy, comes I Dream Of Mirrors; a transgressive, sci-fi horror.

“Chris Kelso writes in a style of broken glass and razor blades, barbed wire and gasoline.” – John Langan, author of The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies

“Someday soon people will be naming him as one of their own influences.” — INTERZONE magazine 

updated 2019-03-28

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