Chills & Creeps: Vol 2 (Chills & Creeps #2) - Nick Clausen

Eight Spine-Chilling and Supernatural Stories

In this collection, you'll meet...

  • Julie, who is babysitting two very strange kids.
  • Tommy, who suspects his teacher of being an alien.
  • Miles, who builds a scarecrow which comes alive.
  • Oliver, who spends the night in a haunted well.
  • Alex, who gains control of an army of killer crabs.
  • Reggie, who is contacted by a ghost.
  • Jack, who awakens a goul out for revenge.
  • And Alvin, who starts growing whiskers.

Eight stories spanning horror, dark fantasy and science fiction, all set in everyday life while exploring the dark, the evil and the supernatural. The Chills & Creeps-series was originally published in Danish to great reviews, and is now available in English.

Fans of Goosebumps will love these chilly stories! This is volume two of the series.

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Release date: June 2019
Genres: horror, short stories
Tags: translation
Updated: July 01, 2019

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