The Will and the Wilds
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The Will and the Wilds

by Charlie N. Holmberg
Release date: January 21, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, romance, young adult

A romantic fantasy standalone novel.

Enna knows much of the mystings that roam the wildwood near her home. After they killed her mother, her father gifted her a stone that senses their nearness. When one mysting tries to kill her to obtain it, Enna takes a huge risk: fighting back with a mysting of her own.

Maekallus’s help doesn’t come free. His price? A kiss. But even the most naïve mortals know Maekallus’s kind use kisses to steal souls. Drawing upon a power unknown to her, Enna persuades Maekallus to commit to much less. The bargain struck, he goes to destroy Enna’s mysting — but in the ensuing fight, he’s bound to the mortal realm, which begins eating him alive. Compelled to help by the magic enchaining them, Enna gives Maekallus a kiss — the only thing that can save him from immediate destruction. But Maekallus’s temporary salvation is Enna’s lingering doom. Part of her soul now burns bright inside of him, making him feel for the first time.

Enna shares Maekallus’s suffering, and even the sliver of her soul she sacrificed won’t heal either of them for long. If he and Enna cannot find a way to break the spell binding him to the mortal realm, Maekallus will be consumed completely — and Enna’s soul with him.

updated 2020-01-21

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