Fear the Wolf

by S. J. Sparrows
Release date: April 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

In Senla Nora’s village, the children are raised to remember one thing above all else: "Fear the Wolf."

To fear the Wolf is to know your place. To fear the Wolf is to never presume too much. If any villager were to step out of line, the Wolf would descend upon them all.

For a simple garment weaver like Senla Nora, knowing her place should be easy. But Senla’s never been good at following orders.

Can Senla learn her place? Or will her disobedience endanger herself and everyone she loves?

Fear the Wolf is an adult fantasy thriller set in a mysterious world that was torn apart by a great cataclysm. Follow Senla on her treacherous journey as she overcomes her greatest fears and learns to accept herself in a world that’s always trying to tell her who and what she should be.

(updated 2019-04-19)

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