The Shredded Orphans and the Space Pirates

Sonya Rhen
science fiction
 The Shredded Orphans and the Space Pirates  (The Shredded Orphans #2) - Sonya Rhen

BEWARE: Space Pirates!

According to the Resource Obscurantism Department, space pirate attacks are increasing and their new Space Pirate Protection Program is designed to protect travelers. The Shredded Orphans find the ROD’s new SP3 requirements inconvenient at best.

Come space tripping with the Shredded Orphans seismic rock band. The music industry slaves: Lix, Ophelia, Mac, Chitto and Justice, make their way to Seachellis 17 for a concert they’ve been dying to play.

The only hitch in their plans is the runaway slave, Mercy, hiding on the ship and their encounter with space pirates. Now they have no means to get Mercy to a safe off-grid planet and Justice is more than a little stressed.

Lix hasn’t come away from the space pirate encounter unscathed. His injuries will definitely make playing the scheduled concert on Seachellis 17 difficult.

Will this seal the Shredded Orphans fate? What happens when you mix space pirates and Shredded Orphans? Find out in The Shredded Orphans and the Space Pirates.

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Release date: November 2015
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Genres: science fiction
Tags: humor, space travels
Updated: August 26, 2021