by Terry Grimwood
Release date: May 2019
Type: other fiction
Genres: mainstream

A novella.

Joe walks with God. Now Joe is in love, but it is a love that dare not speak its name and it will tear his soul apart...

Writing about ‘Joe’, author Terry Grimwood said: “Joe is inspired by the true story of a young gay man who attended the same (British) Baptist church as my first wife and I in the 1980s. His name was Simon, and he was charming, intelligent, kind and devout. I can’t say that we were close friends, but we were certainly acquaintances and he was someone I respected for the very obvious depth of his faith. I too was a convinced believer in the Christian faith in those days and regularly attended the church’s weeknight prayer meetings. Simon would inevitably stand and pray and was always eloquent and respectful. He was also in pain. His cries to God for help were soul-felt and often heart-breaking. Like most of us in the church, I had no idea that he was gay and that trying to reconcile his faith and sexuality was the cause of his agony, until it was too late.”

With a foreword by John Gilbert
And a cover by Adrian Baldwin

(updated 2019-05-24)

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