Cries from the Crypt: Selected Writings

by Adam Nevill
Cries from the Crypt: Selected Writings by Adam Nevill 8.00   1

A free full-length horror companion featuring Selected Writings by Adam L. G. Nevill.

Available for free from Stories, missing chapters, advice for writers, recommendations, author interviews, and more.


Story – ‘Little Mag’s Barrow’
Interview 1: With Joseph D’Lacey for Horror Reanimated (2008)
Deleted Scene 1: Banquet for the Damned
Advice for Writers 1: The Horror, The Horror of Becoming and Being a Horror Writer
A Book to Be Buried With: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
The Omen: An Appreciation
Interview 2: With Peter Tennant for Black Static (2010)
Apartment 16: The Original Ending
Interview 3: With Michael Wilson for This is Horror (2011)
Deleted Scene 2: The Ritual
Interview 4: With Alan Kelly for Rue Morgue (2012)
Advice for Writers 2: ‘How to write a book so scary you cr*p your pants!’
Interview 5: With Justin Steele for Arkham Digest (2014)
Deleted Scene 3: No One Gets Out Alive
Interview 6: With Sean Kitching for The Quietus (2014)
Deleted Scene 4: Lost Girl
Apocalypse Right Now: Preoccupations of the End Game
Deleted Scene 5: Lost Girl
Interview 7: With Alex Cluness for Literature Works (2015)
Advice for Writers 3: Horror Workshop Crib Sheet
Story: ‘Estrus’

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Release date July 2016
Details updated May 13, 2019
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