Kingdom of Shadow and Light

Fever #11 / 11
by Karen Marie Moning
Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever #11) by Karen Marie Moning 9.00   1

MacKayla Lane faces the ultimate threat when war breaks out between the kingdoms of shadow and light, as the #1 New York Times bestselling Fever series races to an explosive revelation.

From the moment MacKayla Lane arrived in Dublin to hunt her sister’s murderer, she’s had to fight one dangerous battle after the next: to survive, to secure power, to keep her city safe, to protect the people she loves.

The matter of who’s good and who’s evil can be decided by the answer to a single question: Whose side are you on?

Now, as High Queen of the Fae, Mac faces her greatest challenge yet: ruling the very race she was born to hunt and kill — a race that wants her dead yesterday, so they can put a pure-blooded Fae queen on the throne.

But challenges with her subjects are the least of her concerns when an ancient, deadly foe resurfaces, changing not only the rules of the game but the very game itself, initiating a catastrophic sequence of events that have devastating consequences and leave Mac questioning everything she’s ever learned and everyone she’s ever loved. Now begins an an epic battle between Mortal and Fae, Seelie and Unseelie, would-be kings and would-be queens, with possession of the Unseelie King’s virtually unlimited power and the fate of humanity at stake.

From the exquisite, deadly gardens of the High Queen’s court, to long-forgotten truths found in the Sacred Grove of Creation, from the erotic bed of her enigmatic, powerful lover to the darkest, seductive reaches of the Unseelie kingdom, Mac’s final journey takes her places no human has been before, and only one human could possibly survive...

One who's willing to sacrifice everything.

Also known as Darkfever Book 11.

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Release date February 23, 2021
Details updated February 23, 2021


Series contains 11 primary works and has 11 total works.

The Fever series revolves around MacKayla Lane, a seemingly normal girl of 20-something living in small-town Georgia, USA. When her sister is brutally murdered while studying abroad in Ireland, MacKayla resolves to track down the killer by travelling to Dublin. When she arrives, however, she quickly realizes that all is not what it seems in the Irish capital, nor is she all that she thought she was.

For one, she learns that the Celtic folklore concerning 'fairies' is true, but not in a pleasant way: not only are the real Fae a lot more powerful and dangerous than what the bedtime stories make them out to be, but millennia ago, they split into warring factions of Light (Seelie) and Dark (Unseelie), and that war is now threatening to spill over into the human world.

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Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever #11) 9.00   1

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