Shadows & Tall Trees: Issue 6 (2014).

Edited by Michael Kelly.

Finalist for the World Fantasy Award.
Finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award.

“A beautiful and courageous volume.” - Peter Straub

Finalist for the World Fantasy Award and the Shirley Jackson Award, volume 6 of the acclaimed anthology series continues to showcase the best new contemporary strange and weird fiction.


  • To Assume the Writer's Crown: Notes on the Craft by Eric Schaller
  • Onanon by Michael Wehunt
  • It Flows from the Mouth by Robert Shearman
  • Hidden in the Alphabet by Charles Wilkinson
  • Death's Door Café by Kaaron Warren
  • The Golem of Leopoldstadt by Tara Isabella Burton
  • Road Dead by F. Brett Cox
  • The Quiet Room by V. H. Leslie
  • Night Porter by R. B. Russell
  • The Statue by Myriam Frey
  • Shaddertown by Conrad Williams
  • The Vault of the Sky, the Face of the Deep by Robert Levy
  • Apple Pie and Sulphur by Christopher Harman
  • Summerside by Alison Moore
  • The Space Between by Ray Cluley and Ralph Robert Moore
  • Vrangr by C. M. Muller
  • Writings Found in Red Notebook by David Surface
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Release date: June 2014
Genres: horror > weird fiction, anthology
Updated 2019-06-03