The Hollow Lands (The Dancers at the End of Time, #2)6.96

British Fantasy Award 1976.

Continuing the last story in the annals of The Human Race.

Having narrowly escaped death in Victorian England, Jherek Carnelian is back in his own time. But without his love, Amelia Underwood. His obsession with her has not abated but Brannart Morphail refuses to lend him another time machine and he is stranded...

Until one faithful day he meets Robot Nurse, guardian of ageless children, who agrees to send him back to 19th century London. In the fashionable Cafe Royale two worlds and two cultures collide and Jherek's plight becomes more desperate...

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Release date: 1974
Genres: science fiction
Tags: british fantasy award
Average rating: 6.96/10
Total ratings: 31
Updated 2015-01-19