If the love of your life disappeared, with no actual proof of their death, how long would you wait for them to return to you? A few years? A decade? For some, the answer would be forever.

When an alien invasion causes irreparable destruction to the human race, Layla and Frank Strohm escape to the tree covered mountains of Northwestern Montana. After Frank discovers the only way to kill the near invincible extraterrestrials, he sacrifices his own happiness (and safety) by leaving his wife to spread the knowledge and, in the five years to follow, is never seen again. Layla does her best to remain optimistic, clinging to the hope that he’ll come back, and spends her days hunting, searching for survivors to help, and killing the invaders that she happens to cross paths with. Things grow complicated for Layla when Max, a charming stranger, enters her life and tries his hardest to make her fall in love with him. Weaving between memories of her time with Frank and her present with Max, Layla must choose whether to stay wrapped up in the past with her husband or move on to new love.

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Release date: February 2015
Genres: science fiction > dystopia, young adult
Updated 2019-06-04