Thorns of a Black Rose
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Thorns of a Black Rose

by David Craig
Release date: July 26, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Revenge and responsibility, confrontation and consequences.

A hot desert land of diverse peoples dealing with demons, mages, natural disasters... and the Black Rose assassins.

Having endured two years of hardship and loss on a quest for vengeance, Shukara arrives in the city of Mask where her pouch is stolen by Tamira, a young street-smart thief. Hunting down the thief, Shukara discovers that Tamira has emptied the pouch, throwing away some of the rarer reagents that Shukara needs for her magick. Being unfamiliar with Mask and unsure of where to find replacements for her reagents, Shukara shows mercy to Tamira in exchange for her help in replacing what has been lost. Together they brave the intrigues of Mask, and soon discover that they have a mutual enemy in the Black Rose, an almost legendary band of merciless assassins. But this is just the start of their journeys...

updated 2019-07-27

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