Rebellion of the Black Militia (The God King Chronicles)

@ Richard Nell (fantasyhigh fantasy)

A novella.

“On the twenty-first of May, in the three-hundred forty-second year of God-King Marsun’s rule — I, Johann Planck, Apprentice-Scribe of the fifth mark, have been sent to stop a demon.”

Things only get worse from there... Johann, bastard and scribe of the tower, is yanked from his quiet, peaceful life of academia, and told to capture a creature of legend.

Beside him and hopefully guiding him rides Lam the squire — incessantly rude, incessantly smoking, and possibly insane. Or maybe fearless.

Together they must track and capture the demon Sazeal, an ancient, unkillable creature of darkness, and somehow in the meantime, discover how it was released in the first place. If it was released at all...

From the author of Kings of Paradise comes a world of muskets and cannon, knights and demons. This is the story of one man’s crucible, one man’s war against evil, and himself, brought about by rebellion...

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Release date: October 2017
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Updated 2019-06-20