A novella.

Kurt 'the Devil' Val Clause makes war on the edge of empire. And the only thing that might stop him, is something even worse...

Veteran sergeant, and the only man left alive from 1st Division, Kurt has served the empire of Keevland since he was twelve. Twenty years of war, most of it at the front, and he's still alive, still healthy.

But now a republic has formed. East Army has been all but abandoned in the scramble for power, the 'noble' officers dead, or gone, fled back to their lands and castles.

In their absence, chaos reigns. But Kurt has always been a creature of chaos. In the fallout he schemes for power, plunder and glory.

But in the midst of his own crusade, deep in barbarian territory, he discovers something dark, something unworldly, something he never expected. It changes everything, especially him...

From the author of Kings of Paradise comes the second novella in the God-King Chronicles universe - a world of muskets and cannon, knights and demons. This is the story of a dangerous, broken man, on the edge of empire...

The Devil of the 22nd.

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Release date: April 2018
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Updated 2019-06-20