by Joe Haldeman
Marsbound (Marsbound #1) - Joe Haldeman N/A

A novel of the red planet from the Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author of The Accidental Time Machine and Old Twentieth.

Young Carmen Dula and her family are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime — they’re going to Mars.

Once on the Red Planet, however, Carmen realizes things are not so different from Earth. There are chores to do, lessons to learn, and oppressive authority figures to rebel against. And when she ventures out into the bleak Mars landscape alone one night, a simple accident leads her to the edge of death until she is saved by an angel — an angel with too many arms and legs, a head that looks like a potato gone bad, and a message for the newly arrived human inhabitants of Mars:

We were here first.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date July 20, 2008
Details updated August 23, 2022

Marsbound :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Marsbound (Marsbound #1) N/A
Starbound (Marsbound #2) N/A
Earthbound (Marsbound #3) N/A