The Rage of Storms (The Dysasters, #2)
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The Rage of Storms

by P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast
Release date: February 25, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

#1 New York Times bestselling authors P.C. and Kristin Cast are back with the stunning second book of The Dysasters series!

In the next installment of the thrilling Dysasters, Foster, Tate and their new friends race against time to save teens that can manipulate the earth, all the while trying to outrun Stewart in his chase for them.

Foster, Tate and their friends have survived. They know who genetically manipulated them to control the elements, but they don't know why. They're determined to find some answers, but first, they need to get to safety. The key to unlocking how to save the world lies in learning of Stewart's plans, and Foster and Tate will do anything to get that information. With the help of their friends, they discover the whereabouts of Sage and Quest, two teens who can manipulate earth and have been hiding in plain sight. But Stewart has been tracking them down, and Foster and Tate realize they might just be too late to save them.

(updated 2019-09-12)

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