Gravity of a Distant Sun

by R. E. Stearns
Release date: February 18, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Adda and Iridian have survived the murderous AI that tried to kill them in Barbary Station and an evil megacorporation in Mutiny at Vest but now they’ll need all of their ingenuity to make it to the end of this epic trilogy.

Adda Karpe and Iridian Nassir are on the run — both from the authorities who want to imprison them and the artificial intelligence that want to control their minds. Trapped on a desolate black-market space station on the edge of Jupiter, they’re nearly out of allies — and out of luck.

Now, they have one last shot to find a safe haven where they can live together in peace — across the interstellar bridge to another galaxy. Getting onto that mission will take everything they’ve got and more. But on the other side of that bridge lies the life they’ve always dreamed of... if they can survive long enough to reach it.

updated 2020-02-18

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