Patterns of Force (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights #3) - Michael Reaves N/A

After the Empire's bloody purge of the Jedi, one lone Knight still fights for those who cannot, unaware that he's about to be swept into a cataclysmic battle against the Master of Darkness himself.

Throughout the galaxy, a captured Jedi is a dead Jedi, even in Coruscant's most foul subterranean slums, where Jedi Knight Jax Pavan champions the causes of the oppressed with the help of hard-nosed reporter Den Dhur and the wisecracking droid I-5YQ. But Jax is also involved in another struggle - to unlock the secrets of his father's death and his own past.

While Jax believes that I-5YQ holds some of those answers, he never imagines that the truth could be shocking enough to catapult him to the frontlines of a plot to kill Emperor Palpatine. Worse yet, Darth Vader's relentless search for Jax is about to end... in triumph.

The future looming over the valiant Jedi and his staunch pals promises to be dark and brief, because there's no secret whatsoever about the harshest truth of all: Few indeed are those who tangle with Darth Vader... and live to tell the tale.

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Release date January 20, 2009
Details updated August 27, 2022

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Main series Star Wars

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Patterns of Force (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights #3) N/A