Grendel (The Hound Who Hunts Nightmares #2)

Johnny Grendel, the most feared & ferocious fiend in all the Fae Worlds, has been freed from his hideous bonds & is hell-bent on exacting revenge upon those responsible for damning him to years of the most cruel & torturous imprisonment – to wit, the esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est. 1895).

Fortunately for Professor Lyons & Mr Hound they have an ace card up their sleeve that might just bring the monstrous Grendel’s homicidal quest for retribution crashing to a halt – their erstwhile, newly acquired (& quietly quivering) young apprentice, Tomas Dearlove; the only person on the planet capable of stopping Grendel, their most implacable & terrifying of foes.

But Tom has some dark secrets to uncover, hard truths to face up to & even harder choices to make if he is to destroy the “immortal enemy” & so end Johnny Grendel’s murderous rampage of terror once and for all.

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Release date: January 2016
Genres: fantasy, mystery
Updated 2019-07-11