The Goldemar Affair

by Caractacus Plume
Release date: May 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, mystery

‘If I’d had an extra spoonful of jam roly-poly pudding for every vile villain that has promised to take my head as a trophy, Baron, I’d be as fat as you are deluded, you despicable bounder!’ snorted the were-wolfhound derisively ...

1927 - In a picture-postcard English castle, set upon the sleepy Sussex–Kent border, a sinister occult society hosts a clandestine meeting. Their objective – to forge an alliance with the United Kingdom’s most ancient and implacable enemy and, in so doing, fan the flames for a second world war.

It falls to Mr Hound and Professor Lyons of the internationally esteemed paranormal investigation agency of Lyons & Hound (est. 1895) to infiltrate this diabolical diorama and unmask the vile villains who lie at the heart of this abominable plot.

Along the way they encounter - a mysterious and magical messenger, a deranged scientist, a monstrous man-servant (of literary fame), a band of mechanically-enhanced zombie henchmen and a war party of wild and ferocious Fae.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Mr Hound must settle a debt of honour with an ancient and implacable enemy of his own!

updated 2019-07-11

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