Memento Mori

by Katherine Silva
Release date: December 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

In this prequel to VOX and AEQUITAS, Whitaker Hayward, an out-of-work architect, is contracted by one of Seraphim City's affluent magnates, Blumstein, to investigate a room in a long forgotten house on the outskirts of the city; a room that has no doors. Doing this means re-visiting a past he's tried desperately to forget. But this job could be his salvation. It could be his way of leaving it all behind for good. Unless this job isn't all its cracked up to be...

Wanted criminal Vera Baines has been on the run for five years. A letter in her mailbox brings her back to Seraphim City; a letter from "A. Friend" detailing her inheritance of the contents from a safe deposit box. Vera left Seraphim with good reason, but the idea of knowing something about her past is too much to pass up. She has to go back. She has to find out the truth about where she came from...

Harper has always followed Blumstein's instruction, never questioning his motives. He's also never made a mistake; until now. He lost control. He killed a man. And someone saw him. The only way to keep his boss's plan safe is to find that witness and kill them. Can he blindly follow orders again, knowing it means the death of an innocent?

Detective Sam Lusk's wedding is around the corner. His fiancee's put him on a diet. He's cheating on that diet. And suddenly, he finds himself pulled into not one, but two bizarre cases that don't seem normal in the slightest bit. A body found in an alley, drained of its blood? So much for a normal night on the job...

MEMENTO MORI brings all of these characters together within the dark and gritty streets of Seraphim City and the ghostly woods that surround it. All of them are drawn together by the house, an entity that is not all that it appears. It looms with secrets of the past and terrible consequences for the future...

updated 2019-08-02

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