by Katherine Silva
Release date: August 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

A short story.

In Acquolina, Sibyl is a naive young fledgling of the Kume, a water-dwelling bloodline of lilitu (vampires). She's been waiting for the day of the Festival Della Costola, an annual celebration in which a new member is inducted into the Artigianti di Alta, who care for the art in the capitol city of Vitoria. As civil tensions between the different Kume houses erupt, Sibyl will be pulled in two opposite directions: toward a mysterious outsider who might be her only escape from the rising unrest, or toward The Ghost, another outsider, who has a vested interest in saving Vitoria by using any means necessary. But do they have their own agendas as well?

Acquolina is set before the events of both Vox, and the upcoming Aequitas.

updated 2019-08-02

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