The Key of Lost Things

by Sean Easley
Release date: September 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

With the help of a magical key, Cam searches for his missing friend - who just might be the Hotel's newest enemy - in this thrilling sequel to The Hotel Between, which New York Times bestselling author Lisa McMann calls a "rollicking magical adventure around the world."

Ever since Cam was named Concierge-in-Training, he's been struggling to keep up with the pace of The Hotel Between. It doesn't help that his missing friend Nico keeps unleashing pranks - you try finding fifty-two cats scattered all over the world.

When a grand party goes horribly wrong, Cam learns his twin sister, Cass, may also be up to no good. Now Cam must set out to prevent Cass and Nico from endangering the Hotel and keep it from falling into the hands of Mr. Stripe and his horrible magic. If he fails, The Hotel Between could be lost. Forever.

updated 2019-09-03

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