Once More* with Footnotes

Terry Pratchett
science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, short stories
Once More* with Footnotes - Terry Pratchett

A collection of Terry Pratchett's short works, fiction and non-fiction, with annotations by Pratchett and by the editors.


  • Terry Pratchett: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Beverage (Introduction by Esther Friesner)
  • Apology (Introduction by Terry Pratchett)
  • Hollywood Chickens (story)
  • Doctor Who? (article)
  • The Hades Business (story)
  • The Big Store (article)
  • 20p with Envelope and Seasonal Greeting (story)
  • Paperback Writer (article)
  • Incubust (story)
  • Final Reward (story)
  • And Mind the Monoliths (article)
  • FTB (story)
  • Theatre of Cruelty (story)
  • Introduction to The Unseen University Challenge
  • 2001: The Vision and the Reality (article)
  • High Tech, Why Tech? (article)
  • Roots of Fantasy (article)
  • Introduction to The Wyrdest Link
  • Thought Progress (article)
  • The Sea and Little Fishes (story)
  • Introduction to The Leaky Establishment by David Langford
  • Let There be Dragons (article)
  • # ifdef DEBUG + "world/enough" + "time" (story)
  • Foreword: Brewer's Dictionary Of Phrase And Fable [16th edition]
  • The Story of Thud (story, sort of)
  • Death and What Comes Next (story)
  • Neil Gaiman: Amazing Master Conjurer (article)
  • Introduction to The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy
  • Elves Were Bastards (article)
  • Medical Notes (story, sort of)
  • Sheer Delight: Tribute to Bob Shaw (article)
  • The Orangutans are Dying (article)
  • The Ankh-Morpork National Anthem (story, sort of)
  • Alien Christmas (story)
  • Turntables of the Night (story)
  • Cult Classic (article)
  • The Choice Word (article)
  • Whose Fantasy Are You? (article)
  • No Worries (article)
  • Troll Bridge (story)
  • The Faces of Fantasy / On Writing (article)
  • Imaginary Worlds, Real Stories (article)
  • Secret Book of the Dead (poem)
  • Magic Kingdoms (article)
  • Once and Future (story)
  • A Word About Hats (article)
  • The Titles That Got Away (Afterword by Priscilla Olson)

Once More* with Footnotes is a book by Terry Pratchett, published by NESFA Press in 2004 when he was the Guest of Honor for Noreascon Four, the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention. It contains a mixture of short stories, articles, introductions to other books, and speeches, including his first published short story, "The Hades Business".

The initial run is a limited edition hardback, consisting of 2,500 copies. The title is a reference to the phrase "once more, with feeling" and to Pratchett's frequent use of footnotes in his Discworld series, along with the brief author commentary at the start of each piece; the book itself actually contains very few footnotes. One of NESFA's working titles for the book was "Oh Bugger, by Wossname".

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Release date: September 2004
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, short stories
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 21, 2013