Knight Purged

by Jason Hamilton
Release date: October 7, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhistorical fantasy, young adult
Tags: arthuriana

Some knights are too good...

After leaving the Forest of Arden, Una is ready to spend all her time with Sir George.

Unfortunately, fate is not kind. When a dying woman tells them of a new threat from the Otherworld, she must travel with a new companion by the name of Sir Guyon. He is also chosen of the Faerie Queen, and the perfect knight to fight this new threat, or so he thinks.

But in order to succeed, they must first find a totem to guide them safely through the many dangers that await them. And finding that totem is perhaps even more dangerous.

Together with Sir Guyon, she must fight through new enemies, brave untraveled waters, and save helpless victims. But something is stirring within her. Her magic long kept hidden is finally free, and it hungers for blood.

Knight Purged is the second book in the Faerie Queen saga. If you like knights, adventures, and magical showdowns, then you’ll love Jason Hamilton’s fresh take on Edmund Spenser’s classic tale.

updated 2019-10-07

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