Moonrise - Mike Ashley

Edited by Mike Ashley.

Featuring twelve stories by a roster of classic SF authors including Arthur C. Clarke, H.G. Wells and John Wyndham. Before the Apollo 11 mission succeeded in landing on the Moon in 1969, writers and visionaries were fascinated by how we might get there and what we might find. The Greeks and Romans speculated about the Moon almost two thousand years before H.G. Wells or Jules Verne wrote about it, but interest peaked from the late 1800s when the prospect of lunar travel became more viable.

This anthology presents twelve short stories from the most popular magazines of the golden age of SF including The Strand Magazine, Astounding Science Fiction and Amazing Stories and features classic SF writers as well as lesser-known writers for dedicated fans of the genre to discover. Moonrise: The Golden Age of Lunar Exploration is the second volume in the British Library Science Fiction Classics series.

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Release date: April 2018
Publisher: The British Library
Genres: science fiction, anthology
Average rating: 9.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 12, 2019


9/10 |
September 25, 2019
An eclectic collection of stories some of which are ridiculous by today's standards but are worth reading just to appreciate how ideas have changed. The stand out story is"Dead Centre" by Judith Merrill which concentrates on the heroes family but ...