The Red Wyvern (Deverry Series, #9)
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The Red Wyvern

by Katharine Kerr
Release date: 1997
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Book One of The Dragon Mage

A new chapter of the history of the kingdom of Deverry – an ideal starting point for newcomers to Katherine Kerr's gorgeous epic, and a satisfying continuation of the saga for those readers who have followed the series through its previous incarnations.

In Cengarn, Rhodry of the silver daggers – half-elven, half-human – is beset by strange dreams. A dark-haired enchantress, the Raven Woman, is haunting his sleep, and he can find no release, even in the arms of Dallandra, his lover.

Little does he know that his feud with the Raven Woman goes back over three hundred years, to a time when the throne of Deverry stood under threat of civil war. In those days, the young king's cousin, Lilli, was forced by her scheming mother to scry for omens, and she saw terrible visions: great red wyverns sweeping down from the mountains to plunge like hawks upon a herd of feeding swine...

The fancies of an idle mind? Or omens foretelling bloodshed and disaster for the clan of the Boar?

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