The Liar

by John P. Murphy
Release date: April 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, mystery

A novella.

Greg Kellogg is pretty honest for a liar. He’s lived in Versailles, New Hampshire (population: yes) for his whole adult life, working as a handyman and telling little lies, the kind that mend rakes and chill beer and keep his lights on even when the power’s out. Pastor Julie is new in town, and she and Greg seem to keep bumping into each other. Greg likes it that way. But when she brings him a job one crisp fall morning, they get drawn into a town mystery: an old lie and a string of deaths that might catch up to Julie’s troublesome daughter. Greg’s a damn good liar, but this job might call for some hard truths instead.

The Liar was a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Novella.

(updated 2019-09-24)

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