Exit Reality - Robert S. Wilson N/A

The future of experience is digital... even in death.

No one knows this better than Ray Garret. In a world where the human brain can connect directly to the internet, human beings become the target of a mass-murdering computer virus.

Ray's an Antivii agent in charge of tracking down the source of digi-human viruses. He's no lover of the HPDID (Human Perceptual Digital Interface Device), but when a recorded experience from his dead wife is left for him, Ray has no choice but to play the file, changing his life forever.

Release date February 2013

Details updated June 6, 2022

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Ray Garret :: Series

Series contains 5 total works.

Exit Reality N/A
Self-Aware N/A
SoulServe N/A
Koadie's Monster N/A
MindLink: A Lifeline Binary N/A