Dragon Blood (Hurog Duology #2) - Patricia Briggs7.62


Ward, ruler of Hurog, is striving to restore his lands and people to prosperity, wanting nothing more than a quiet life. But when an old friend, escaping from High Hing Jakouen's torturers, seeks refuge in his keep, Ward can no longer ignore the growing rebellion against the tyrannical High Hing. He realizes that he cannot stand aside – he must join with the rebels.

However, Jakouen has a secret weapon with which he intends to crush the rebellion: Farsonsbane, a magical artifact that has destroyed entire cities. But first, Jakouen needs blood to awaken it. Dragon's blood. The very blood that courses through Ward's veins...

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Release date: 2002
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.62/10
Total ratings: 8
Updated: September 05, 2021

Hurog Duology :: Series

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Dragon Blood (Hurog Duology #2)7.62