Koadie's Monster

by Robert S. Wilson
Release date: January 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictioncyberpunk, thriller

A novelette.

Young Koadie Lawson is tired of Rudy bullying him on the bus. Every day the older boy picks on him, beats on him, and sometimes even spits on him. But today Koadie has a plan. He's going to finally get his revenge.

Using a new Lifeline program called LifeCraft, he creates the perfect interactive perceptual trap for Rudy in the form of a fake porn file. But when Rudy takes the bait, Koadie gets more revenge than he bargained for.

Now it's up to Ray Garret to go in and save Rudy from his own perceptual hell and bring the poor kid back to the real world before there's nothing left to save.

But first... he has to make it past Koadie's Monster...

updated 2019-10-04

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