Self-Aware - Robert S. Wilson N/A

A short story.

It's been six months since Ray Garret single-handedly took down the mastermind of the digi-human virus Exit Reality. But life isn't any less complicated for Ray now as he fights against his alcoholism and continues to keep secret the nano-machines that course throughout his body and keep him connected to the very source of all human-perceptual connections, the Lifeline itself. But as Ray takes on his first new Antivii case, he learns a new secret about the nano-machines inside him. They've become self-aware. And they may know more about Ray than he can handle. Every memory, every thought, every moment. And worst of all, he's been hearing voices lately. More specifically, one voice. The voice of his beloved late wife, Rhonda. Can he keep it together?

Release date January 2014

Details updated April 28, 2022

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Ray Garret :: Series

Series contains 5 total works.

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