The Quicksilver Court (Rooks and Ruin #2) - Melissa Caruso7.50

One woman will either save an entire continent or destroy it in the captivating second book in the Rooks and Ruin trilogy; an epic fantasy series bursting with intrigue and ambition, questioned loyalties and dangerous magic

Ryxander has failed. Unsealed by her blood, the Door hidden within the black tower of Gloamingard has opened. Now, for the first time since the age of the Graces, demons walk the world.

As tensions grow between nations, all eyes - and daggers - are set on Morgrain, fallen under the Demon of Discord's control. In an attempt to save her home from disaster, Ryx and the Rookery set out to find a powerful artefact. But dangerous enemies are close behind - and they're closing in fast.

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Release date: October 12, 2021
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Expectation rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 4
Updated: October 12, 2021

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