Esrahaddon (The Rise and Fall #3) - Michael J. Sullivan 8.76   8

In the imperial city of Percepliquis, a boy on the verge of expulsion from a seminary school for fighting is instead sent to the Teshlor Academy. Two idealistic ambassadors are determined to re-establish relations with the forbidden elven realm. An old adversary returns with a plan certain to work. And in a far away remote village, a destitute child is exiled to die in the jungle on suspicion of being a demon. Between them, they will change the course of the greatest empire the world has ever known.

From the New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today bestselling author Michael J. Sullivan comes the final book in the Rise and Fall Trilogy. This latest set of stories sits snugly between Legends of the First Empire and the Riyria books (Revelations and Chronicles). With this tale, Michael continues his tradition of unlikely heroes who must rise to the call when history knocks, demanding to be let in. Esrahaddon is due to be released in the summer of 2023, but those who pre-order the book through the Kickstarter held in February of 2023 will be able to receive the story several months before the retail release. Esrahaddon is the final piece in a narrative that began in 2008 and contains 19 full-length novels spread across four series.

Also known as Nolyn Book 3.

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Release date July 11, 2023
Details updated March 13, 2023

The Rise and Fall :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

This is the "bridge" series that takes place between Legends of the First Empire and The Riyria novels. It takes place 2,000 years after the last book in Legends of the first Empire and 1,000 years before the first book of Riyria.

Main series The Riyria Universe

Nolyn (The Rise and Fall #1) 7.34   3
Farilane (The Rise and Fall #2) 8.20   5
Esrahaddon (The Rise and Fall #3) 8.76   8