Scarlet Odyssey

by C. T. Rwizi
Release date: July 1, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

In a culture where magic and education are considered womanly arts, bookish, magic-loving Salo is a pariah, an embarrassment to his father the chief, and the polar opposite of his warrior twin brother. When a witch attacks his kraal, Salo is forced to reveal just how far he has ventured into the world of magic. However, he must go further still if he is to save his people. All the way to the Jungle City in the hope of becoming an Oracle.

Isa watched as her entire family were murdered and barely escaped with her life. Now she has been thrust into the position of King of the Jungle City and ruler of the ten BaYonte clans - a responsibility she never wanted but is determined to succeed at. While usurpers plot to carry out a genocide against her people, Isa must find a way to unite the clans and find a way to bring peace to these troubled lands - even if it costs her soul.

Working in a shanty town as a bodyguard wasn’t exactly what Ilapara had intended when she left home. But there was no place for her in a tribe who refused to accept a female warrior. When she encounters the young Yerezi man seeking his way to the Jungle City she is intrigued. Salo holds powers he shouldn’t be able to wield - how can he possibly look to become an Oracle, a role traditionally only held by women? And what secrets from his past are driving him?

As the two travel towards the civil-war torn Jungle City accompanied by a mysterious wanderer from across the far northern desert, whose tales of the people outside their lands hints at a culture far more technologically and magically advanced than their own, they have no idea that all of them are but mere pawns in a much larger game, and whose mysterious players are quietly making their final moves.

updated 2020-07-01

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