Bones of the Moon (The Rondua trilogy #1) - Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll's novel set in the world of Rondua – a land where dreams really can come true.

Cullen James' first dream was to find the perfect man – and it happened. Then she dreamed of being able to live with her man in Europe, while they were both still young and full of wonder: and that happened too. First in Greece, and then in Italy, she had hold of the kind of life of which we all dream. Better yet, she became pregnant and looked forward to the day when the child would come and she could love it: make it part of her idyllic life. But then the dreams began.

The dreams of a fantastical land named Rondua where the sea is full of fish with mysterious names – Mudrake, Cornsweat, Yasmuda. Where enormous animals, the size of hot air balloons, escort Cullen and an enigmatical child companion across places like the Plain of Forgotten Machines. And with the dreams of Rondua came powers that cross over into her everyday world – changing everything.

Suddenly Cullen's worlds are filled with a hallucinatory array of characters and situations that prove dreams are as real as the cup of coffee she drinks in the morning, or the moment when it is impossible to tell whether life or death will win.

”I finished the novel feeling exhilarated and sated... I was entertained like a spectator at a really good magic show. A gorgeous, frightening, imaginative, loving, unsettling, funny, gruesome, thought-provoking novel. This grand book is a triumph.” – Stephen King

”A fabulous leap from our world into one of transcendent wonder and horror.” – Stanislaw Lem

”An absolute original, a novelist of rare and terrifying power... no one has ever written a book quite like it.” – Pat Conroy

”A surrealist trip to dreamland. It is a visual tour-de-force, funny and sad.”
– Robert Wilson

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Release date: 1987
Genres: fantasy
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 20, 2021