All That Is Solid (Eibonvale Chapbook Line #13) - Rosanne Rabinowitz

First we’ll get the Poles, then we get the gays …

These are the words Gosia hears as she heads home from a night out with friends. It’s the summer of 2016 and London is simmering with tension after the Brexit referendum. She is Polish-born and a Londoner for most of her adult life, but now she feels like a stranger in the place she calls home. Nothing is certain anymore; even the ground beneath her feet and the surface where she rests her hand feel unstable and likely to dissolve. Though she takes part in demonstrations, she feels very much alone. When her friend Ilona suggests therapy to help her face her fears, Gosia decides to have a go. It couldn’t hurt… could it?

Rosanne Rabinowitz’s compelling novelette ranges through activism and art therapy to the reality of city life to present a portrait of Brexit Britain, capturing a moment in time and a period in history.

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Release date: October 2019
Genres: science fiction, mainstream
Updated: October 21, 2019