Hold on Tight

by Cynthia Eden
Hold on Tight (Lazarus Rising #6) by Cynthia Eden 8.00   1

He isn’t just a man.

Lazarus super soldier Jett is the perfect predator. He’s faster, stronger, and far deadlier than a normal man — because he isn’t normal. Brought back from the dead, Jett is supposed to be little more than a machine. His heart should be ice cold, but it’s not. His heart beats fast and hard for the one woman he should never be able to possess, Savannah Jacobs.

He’s the hero she didn’t expect.

When Savannah is kidnapped, she doesn’t think she’ll escape her captors. Then mysterious Jett breaks in and takes out all of the men in the room — the masked men who’d yanked her right off a busy public street — and Jett barely breaks a sweat in the fight. Jett is tall, dark, and as sexy as every sin that Savannah can imagine. When he takes her to safety, desire explodes between them. Savannah falls fast and hard for Jett... then he walks away.

But he broke her heart.

Jett knows he can’t have Savannah. A woman as perfect and sweet as Savannah can’t possibly stay in the nightmare that is his world. He gives her up — the hardest thing he’s ever had to do — and disappears from her life. But then Jett learns that he’s been set-up. Savannah was kidnapped as part of a dark plan to throw her and Jett together, and, now, Savannah is in more danger than ever before. She’s pregnant with his child — the first woman to conceive the child of a Lazarus test subject — and Jett’s enemies will stop at nothing to get her and the baby she carries.

And she can’t ever forgive him.

Jett has to protect Savannah — and the baby. His problem? Savannah hates him, and she knows nothing about the secrets he carries. He has to earn back her trust, he has to fight for the woman who owns his heart... and he also has to reveal the painful truth about himself to her. Jett is a dead man walking. A soldier without a soul.

HOLD ON TIGHT... the Lazarus soldiers are back, and they are ready to raise some hell.

Also known as Never Let Go Book 6.

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Release date August 2018
Details updated November 2, 2019

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