by Christopher Hinz
Release date: November 10, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

If Aiden Manchester had to have a superpower, why couldn’t it be something useful like predicting the future? Or Jedi mind tricks? Instead, he’s afflicted with manifestations, embarrassing balls of goo that materialize in midair while he sleeps. But then Aiden learns he was a 'Quiver Kid'; one of seven orphaned babies drafted for an illicit experiment at Tau Nine-One. Setting out to find the experimenters and his fellow victims, his quest turns lethal when he’s kidnapped by a maniacal Quiver Kid with a dark agenda.

As Aiden uncovers dangerous truths about his past, his very essence is called into question. Will a hellish confrontation at Tau Nine-One reveal the ultimate purpose of the Quiver Kids? Or will it catapult Aiden into a realm so inconceivable that he must transcend his own identity to survive?

updated 2020-11-10

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