Demon Trouble Too

by Terry Spear
Release date: October 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance, young adult

Alana Fainot is a demon gate guardian, stuck in her last boring year of school. But not for long. Hunter and the rest of the gang show up when her astral form can't return to her physical form, and she's at the police station trying to talk her way out of having seen the murderer of a summoner.

Hunter always knew Alana was trouble, but his kind of trouble, and he's not leaving Alana alone again.

Celeste Sweetwater, a new kind of demon, joins Hunter and Alana and the rest of the demon guardians in a fight to find a new kind of portal device that can summon several demons at once. But not only that, another Matusa has been unleashed on the unsuspecting human world and the demon guardians must stop him before he wreaks much more havoc.

But this time, the police are involved, paranormal investigators pounce on the area, and the whole mess seems to be spiraling out of the demon guardians' control.

updated 2019-11-14

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