Special Agent for the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Services, Tracey Whittington, takes down wildlife traffickers and more, but what she doesn't expect is to be in a shootout, multiple times, when the business turns deadly. Nor does she suspect she'll be working with Hal Haverton, who serves as a part-time deputy for Yuma Town, Colorado, and runs his own horse ranch.

As long as he doesn't stop her investigative work — she has been placed on administrative leave due to the last shootout — she'll be just fine.

Hal Haverton has every intention of keeping the wild cat safe, even if it means helping her to solve the case when every time he turns around, she's involved in another shootout. When her boss asks their good friend, the sheriff, to have one of his deputies serve as a bodyguard for the cougar shifter, Hal's all for it. So is the other deputy, but Hal's got this covered. Even if getting somewhere with the lady means having his gun ready at all times.

There are definite perks to getting to know the Special Agent better — if they live long enough to do something about it...

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Release date: November 2014
Genres: fantasy, romance > paranormal romance
Updated 2019-11-14