The Ghost Tracks - Celso Hurtado

A seventeen-year-old Texan from the wrong side of the tracks starts a supernatural detective agency—this is Fear Street for a diverse America.

Erasmo Cruz is from the wrong side of the tracks. His dad was a junkie who overdosed. His mom chose to run off rather than raise him. His only passion is the supernatural and his only family is his grandmother, whose aches and pains, he soon learns, aren’t just from old age but cancer.

Desperate to help his grandmother pay for treatment, Erasmo sets up shop as a detective. But he won’t be investigating burglaries or missing pets. Instead, Erasmo sets up San Antonio’s first supernatural detective agency. From hauntings to exorcisms, he soon finds that San Antonio is a much scarier place than even he knew. 

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Release date: November 2, 2021
Genres: horror, dark fantasy
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: May 18, 2022