The Before

by Emily McKay
Release date: October 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictiondystopia, horror, young adult

A novella.

Before vampires began devouring humans; before the surviving teenagers were rounded up and harvested for their blood; before all of that there was a time simply called The Before...

What looks at first like nothing more than a bad science fiction movie soon becomes a terrifying reality for Lily Price: swarms of vampires devouring humans across America. Now, locked in her house while the world falls apart around her, Lily must find the strength to support her collapsing mother and protect her autistic twin sister, Mel — and somehow find a way to flee the advancing horde of undead before it’s too late.

But with martial law declared and a rogue cop watching every move Lily makes, escape seems hopeless. And then comes a phone call that threatens to change Lily’s life forever, a call that’s certain to break up her family and send Lily and Mel to a place they may never return from.

From the author of the award-winning The Farm and The Lair comes The Before, a terrifying look at what life was like when the vampiric undead first took over our lives.

updated 2019-11-14

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