The Legacy of Ravenbane

by Jason P. Hein
Release date: November 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, young adult

A prequel.

The long awaited prequel to The Varsian Kingdom Series!

In a timeless age and a once perfect world, corruption has decimated the lands of Varsia. The higher races have abandoned the mortals and left them at the cruel mercy of Azrael, a fallen varsa from the original creation.

When a young man is conceived with a dark omen upon his birth, Azrael thinks him to be the prophesied one to fulfill the unholy Dusk Holder's Prophecies. Instead, this boy proves to be the most formidable enemy the dark varsa has ever met.

With the wisdom of the naiads, the strength of the dragons, and the courage of the highlanders, Ravenbane Darkfire will challenge the world's most evil creation. Azrael, The Evil One.

updated 2019-12-11

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