Blood Trail (Blood Books, #2)
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Blood Trail

by Tanya Huff
Release date: 1992
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

Silver bullets...

For centuries, they had peacefully coexisted with ordinary humans in Canada. But now death had invaded the peaceful retreat of they London, Ontario far. For someone had learned their most closely guarded secret. Someone knew they were werewolves and whoever it was was determined to destroy them all.

The only one they could turn to for help was Henry Fitzroy, a Toronto-based vampire and writer of bodice rippers. But, forced to hide from the light of day, Henry couldn't hunt down the killer alone. So he called upon Vicki Nelson, ex-policewoman and now a private investigator. Vicki and Henry had sucessfully worked together before, and once she met the wers, he knew she'd have to take the case.

Yet as silver bullets continued to take their ghastly toll, Henry and Vicki began to fear that even their combined talents might not prove enough to trace the blood trail of destruction to its source before it was too late.


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