The Time-travelling Caveman

Terry Pratchett
fantasy, childrens, short stories
The Time-travelling Caveman (Children's Circle Stories #4) - Terry Pratchett

*A brand new collection of short stories from the incredible Sir Terry Pratchett!*

Imagination is an amazing thing.

It can take you to the top of the highest mountain, or down to the bottom of the deepest depths of the sea.

This where it took Doggins on his Awfully Big Adventure: a quest full of magic and flying machines. (And the world’s best joke – trust me, it’s hilarious.)

It took three young inventors to the moon (where they may or may not have left a bottle of lemonade) and a caveman on a trip to the dentist.

You can join them on these adventures, and many more, in this incredible collection of stories...

From the greatest imagination there ever was.

Written for local newspapers when Terry Pratchett was a young lad, these never previously published stories are packed full of anarchic humour and wonderful wit.

A must-have for Terry fans... and young readers looking for a fix of magic.

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Release date: September 3, 2020
Genres: fantasy, childrens, short stories
Expectation rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 03, 2020

Children's Circle Stories :: Series

These short story collections contain short stories written by Terry Pratchett (using the pseudonym "Uncle Jim") for the Bucks Free Press paper's "Children's Circle" section. Most of the stories were originally published in the late 1960s, and have now been re-edited and collected.

Some of the stories found in these volumes were later extended by the author into the novels The Carpet People and Truckers.

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The Time-travelling Caveman (Children's Circle Stories #4)